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77% of Nigerian women do anything to have white skin

African whites are hot topics in recent times. According to data from the World Health Organization, 77% of Nigerian women do everything possible to have white skin. By their conception, anyone with fair skin will have a higher status in society and be more successful in life. Therefore, not only the women but also the men here, despite all the hazards to whiten the skin. With the Daily Times Of Nigeria to find the reasons for the white than the desire of the people here!

White skin cream sold throughout the market

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin

Picture in a bustling market re-imagines shopkeeper at Yeoville Center in Johannesburg’s South Africa. Here, the whitening creams are displayed throughout the stalls, you will see this market is like a miniature Africa.

If you notice the white faces are unusual alternating between the glossy black face. There are even some burns on the cheek due to the use of products containing toxic chemicals.

The fact is that because of the economic constraints, African people here want their skin whiter than they can rely on inexpensive products and unknown origin. Whitening is very simple, just spend about 20,000 VND you can buy a 30 day white skin tube in these small markets.

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin 2

The women in Nigeria buy white bath cream depends on two factors:

  1. As cheap as possible

2. Whitening in the shortest time

In short, according to the news that the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.comsynthesis, they despite it is bleach, despite the government warning that it is harmful to health. Because all the people here need a whiter and brighter skin.

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin 3

An African woman wishing to own a white skin like the one in picture

Despite the warning about the harm of whitening

Using cream to bleach skin also means that aging is faster and many other side effects, even the risk of life. The main ingredients in whitening cream are Hydroquinone, a chemical that the European Union and Japan have banned in cosmetics. Even some creams contain toxic steroids or sulfur.

As warned by physician and researcher Lester Davids at the University of Cape Town. The dangers of using some non-quality skin whitening creams include: Blood cancer such as leukemia, liver cancer, and kidney cancer as well as serious skin diseases. But in Nigeria, whitening by skin cosmetics, which are now popular and well-liked by society.

What would it be like to continue whitening the skin with this unknown source of bleaching?

Dermatologists in the Dakar capital of Senegal say that every week the hospital receives an average of 20 women for treatment because of the abuse of skin bleaching products.

In addition to South Africa, the number of skin whitening users has increased daily in other African countries such as Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) in June 2012: Nigeria occupies a record 77% of users of bleaching products. Then it came to Togo (59%), South Africa (35%) and Mali (25%).

Thus, the number of users of skin bleaching products accounted for 77% of this number is terrible. They only know how to make everything white without thinking about the consequences later.

The original stars are the ‘whitest’ whitening, whitening

The Daily Times of Nigeria thinks that whitening this way is a worry. Not only the people here, but even the stars are milling, white skin.

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin 4

Singer, singer Nomasonto “Mshoza” Mnisi, now has brighter white skin. She says the new skin makes her feel better and more confident than before. In the past two years, Mnisi has undergone several bleaching cases, each with about 5,000 rubles (about $ 590). The 30-year-old said frankly that skin whitening is a personal choice and may invest more in skin whitening than breast or nasal lift.

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin 5

Mshoza, the famous singer in Africa, has spent a lot of money to have white skin and she found herself beautiful and confident. At the same time, she also said, thanks to the white skin that career also blew up.

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin 6

Sammy Sosa, a baseball player, poured money into a white bath

Not only are women and celebrities obsessed with white skin. Congolese barber Jackson Marcelle said he used a special injection to whiten the skin for the past 10 years. As a result, each injection lasts for up to 6 months. Maecelle hated black and he was called “Michael Jackson of Africa”.

Marcelle confesses that, as a child, his mother regularly wears creams for “less black” skin. He explained, “I like white people. Blacks are dangerous and that’s why I do not like black. ”

In short, whitening skin whitening is not going to get any better, not only in Asia, but in African countries as well.

Nigerian women make every effort to have white skin 7

Nigerian women are always looking for bright white skin

The Daily Times Of Nigeria found that this was only an external skin whitening solution, which was not secure, it was only for a while. Therefore, to have a white skin from deep inside, you should nourish them from deep inside, supplement the skin whitening nutrients to nourish the skin every day. It is like new skin whitening, healthy over time to dispel the anxiety of aging skin.

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