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Discover the unique cultural festivals of Nigeria

Let magazine Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com explore the cultural festival unique Nigeria to better this country. Nigeria is home to Africa’s largest population, rising to become the largest economy in the black continent by 2023. This rich land is captivating many of the world’s great companies. Looking for opportunities to develop.

About the Republic of Nigeria

the cultural festival of Nigeria

Country overview Nigeria

It is bordered by Benin to the west, with Niger to the north, Chad to the northeast and Cameroon to the east. South of Nigeria is Guinea Bay – this is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Nigeria is the city of Abuja.

Man was present at this place about 9,000 BC. Historically, in Nigeria, many different countries have their own unique culture. In the 19th century, Nigeria became a colony of the British Empire.

Today, Nigeria is still a poor country with a low level of human development. For a more in-depth look at this land, explore Nigeria’s unique cultural festivals .

The Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com introduces some of the country’s more than 150 million people:

Nigeria’s unique cultural festival: catching Argungu fish

The Argungu fishing festival is held annually in Nigeria at Matan Fada. This festival attracts thousands of fishermen to come here to participate in the unique fishing festival. This is considered to be the largest fishing festival in Africa.

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Argungu Fishing Festival

Initially, the festival was local but later it was raised internationally. Therefore, the male tourists are allowed to participate in the prize and experience the festive atmosphere of the festival.

In a certain time, the person who catches the biggest fish will be the winner. The annual prize of the competition is a new one million Naira (about $ 7,500).

Nigeria’s unique cultural festival: disguise

At the festivities, the Nigerians disguised as gods and paraded through the villages. This festival is born with the desire to bring joy, good luck and dismiss the bad.

In Enugu, southeastern Nigeria, people here believe that the gods, also known as Mmawu, crawl out from the holes under the ground to attend the festival of the villagers to buy fun or punish the bad guys.

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Nigeria’s unique costume festival

The gods divide into two types: the invisible and the invisible. The goddess will participate in the traditional festival and the invisible spirit hidden in the village at night.

The Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com would like to share with you the special point of this festival: people are playing ethnic instruments made from trunks, they create wildly vibrant sounds. There is no sound that can be replaced.

Masquerade groups are often secret organizations, they hide their faces through masks and traditional costumes. By the festivities, hundreds of dressmakers rush into the towns.

Nigeria’s unique cultural festival: Durbar

Durbar is a popular festival for the Muslims of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The Durbar Festival is held every year in several cities in Nigeria. Durbar Festival begins when Ramadan ends in Katsina and Kano.

Durbar recounts the events that occurred hundreds of years ago, when the United Arab Emirates in the north used horses to invade the country. People in towns and districts, along with the aristocracy, stood together to build a military defense line against invaders. Each year, the commanding officer of the United Arab Emirates, they will hold a parade, ostentatious display and welcome the emirate a few times. This activity is referred to as Durbar.

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Unique Nigerian Durbar Festival

The Durbar Festival begins with prayers and is followed by a parade in the costumes of the emperors along with their followers. Especially the horses are decorated in Arabian royal style. Participating in the parade also has an orchestra along with athletes and wrestlers, …

After the march, the Arab emirate and his entourage will retreat to the palace and have fun all night until the drum beats. They dance, sing, and watch the circus perform very passionately. All of them are very interesting and well selected before the show.

According to the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com , this is one of the country’s unique cultural festivals that make up a very distinctive feature.

Nigeria’s Unique Cultural Festival: Sweet Potato Festival

This festival is held at the end of the rainy season of Africa, ie around early September. Sweet potatoes are important food crops in Nigeria and West Africa in general.

The sweet potato festival is a traditional activity that expresses gratitude to the gods as well as the desire for a new crop. The festival also includes many activities such as folk dances, traditional music performances and parades.

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In the past, the first sweet potato was dug by the king and the old man. They are also the people who give sweet potatoes to the gods and ancestors.

At this festival, the dishes made from sweet potato are shared together to symbolize the good wishes in life.

Here are the unique Nigerian cultural festivals that the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com shared to you. Hope to help people have more useful information about this country and have the opportunity to not forget to discover it!

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