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How to treat cosmetic allergy skin?

Cosmetic allergy is a problem women often face when taking care of their skin. Each person’s skin is different, depending on the type of cosmetics it is suitable for. So, when the face of cosmetic allergy, how to overcome? The following tips will help you solve it right at home.


Causes of cosmetic allergy skin

Cosmetic allergies are quite common for sensitive skin. Therefore, if you are of this type of skin, it is important to choose cosmetics.

What about cosmetic allergies?

At the same time, cosmetic quality is also a factor that makes our skin allergic. Why, some people use that product effectively, without allergy, and vice versa. If you are experiencing this problem, please review:

– Do you recommend cosmetics that are sensitive to sensitive skin? Suitable for what skin type?

– Products with reputable brand, trusted by many people or not?

– Does the unit provide you with professionalism, ensuring genuine goods?

– Is the price suitable or cheap, so you are cheap to find bitter fruit?

Explaining the above questions will help you find a solution to handle when your face has a cosmetic allergy.


How to fix cosmetic allergy skin?

What should a cosmetic allergy do 2

The first thing to do is stop using it immediately. At the same time, you should apply the skin care procedure that beauty experts recommend below to improve your skin after your cosmetic allergy at home.


Treat skin allergy with honey

Think of the honey jar in your home immediately to save the skin for timely skin.

What should a cosmetic allergy do 3

Very simply, apply a sufficient amount of honey to your face. Next, steam the entire face with a hot water until the water runs out, wash your face with warm water. This combination of steam will avoid dehydration when pores expand by steam and make it easier to absorb nutrients rich in vitamins from honey, making your skin soft, smooth and clean. .

This is how to treat the allergy caused by the simplest cosmetics at home but for very good results!


Treatment of allergic skin with an exfoliating mask

With this good tip, you won’t spend too much time searching for ingredients to do this because any kitchen always has sugar, fresh lemon, honey.

What should a cosmetic allergy do 4

Mix 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey into a thick consistency solution and then apply to the affected skin. Save for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cool water, this way will help your skin to be smooth and surprisingly smooth.

It is a situation of dealing with mild cosmetic allergies. What is a serious case of cosmetic allergies ? In this case, treatment is required, depending on the degree of treatment. You can consult:

– For contact dermatitis only apply short-term corticosteroids such as eumovate, dermovat, or flucinar …

– For severe cases, take anti-allergic drugs such as clarytine, cezil, celestamine, peritol, pipolphen and semprex, etc. Also take high doses of vitamin C. Usually, only after 3 days of treating symptoms in this way will quickly and completely cease.


Tips for you when using cosmetics

Before taking any cosmetic product, make sure your face is completely healthy and not allergic.

Tips of experts for you:

– You should only use cosmetic products of obvious origin.

– Especially only buy cosmetics at reliable addresses.


Solution to avoid cosmetic allergies

Before deciding to choose any type of cosmetics, you should try to apply cosmetics that must be applied first on the face skin an area of ​​about 1cm2 within 3 consecutive days and observe. If there is no rash and itching, then use it on the whole face.

The face of cosmetic allergies must be done 5

How to treat skin allergy cosmetics, you already know it! If this happens, find a suitable treatment to protect your skin in the best way.



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