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How to use sunscreen to be the most effective?

Entering the summer vacation is the time when women are most scared when the sun shines, the darkened skin is normal. You know how to apply sunscreen properly to protect your skin. Am I? If not, do not ignore the following article of the Daily Times Of Nigeria magazine for ways to protect the skin under the impact of the environment.


Sunlight – Causes poor skin color

Summer vacation is a hot and sunny time with terrible temperatures that seem to burn the skin. But this is the ideal time for the ideal outdoor activities such as walking the streets, going out, climbing mountains and especially relaxing beach resorts.

Apply sunscreen properly

Sunlight is the fear of the weaker sex

However, the sunshine is the leading cause of impact on the skin that frightens women. Today, with a variety of beauty cosmetics, there is a sunscreen product that helps you to have fun and still protect your skin optimally. Therefore, in order to prevent the skin from getting dark, sunburn, protect the skin scientifically.

How to apply sunscreen properly for skin to achieve skin care effectiveness. To understand this first you need to know how to choose sun protection products.


How to choose sunscreen products for skin?

Each skin will have a sunscreen suitable for manufacturers. Depending on economic conditions as well as the need for you to give sunscreen to your skin.

If you need make-up, you should choose skin-colored cream, which means that it contains organic ingredients.

Apply sunscreen properly 2

If you use sunscreen to protect against UV rays when working long in the sun, you should choose products that contain inorganic ingredients to have a long-term effect.

As for the tip of having sensitive skin, you need to use a sunscreen product containing zinc oxide and titanium as the perfect skin protection solution.

For a girl with acne, don’t be too upset, choose a spray sunscreen to pamper your skin.


How to apply sunscreen properly to the skin?

Apply sunscreen properly 3

Applying sunscreen to your skin properly will protect your skin absolutely

Applying sunscreen, wanting optimal performance is an art, not a simple thing like you usually take a break. So how to apply it?


Don’t be frugal when using sunscreen, if you don’t apply the recommended amount of cream, the sun will affect your skin. Make sure your skin is protected evenly, do not rub the dense space and place the speaker only with a thin layer not enough to protect the skin.

Ideal amount of cream: For facial skin, about 1 finger slipper becomes the most standard dose.

Time to apply sunscreen and go out appropriately

If you are going to go out in the sun, do not rub the sunscreen and rush right out because you think there is a protective skin barrier. This is a very misconception, stop right away so that the skin is not sun tan and dark. But apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, this is the ideal time for the product to absorb into the skin in the best way, to protect the optimal skin.

Apply sunscreen properly 4

You should apply additional sunscreen when going to the beach after 2pm

Sunscreen is the final coating

Don’t apply sunscreen before applying it, it will be very bad. Therefore, applying sunscreen properly is that you have to use it on the final step on your skin.

Need relay

If you regularly work outdoors, don’t think that just applying sunscreen before is enough. Apply sunscreen properly so you should reapply every 2-4 hours when outdoors. You should also apply sunscreen after swimming, sweating, and long time.

For body cream as well, you need to do the same but with more tent. All areas of the skin affected by the sun must be applied, especially when going to the beach.

Advice of experts when choosing sunscreen

For outdoor activities, you need to make sure the sunscreen you use must have an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or more and must choose a broad spectrum sunscreen. Because of this you can protect both harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Apply sunscreen properly 5

Be careful when choosing sunscreen for your skin

Expert advice: Think that applying sunscreen properly will not get acne, but sometimes you will get clingy acne because you don’t choose the right product for your skin. Therefore, when looking to buy sunscreen, choose a product with the words “non-comedogenic”. It means that the cream will not clog, mask pores and cause acne on the skin.

Through the sharing on applying sunscreen properly to the skin above will help you protect your skin properly. Hope these small sharing will help you own beautiful skin, despite the hot weather of the summer day!


Skin care from deep inside with Collagen

A beautiful skin is a healthy, highly resistant skin, able to withstand the long sunshine. So, in addition to the proper external skin care regime, apply sunscreen to protect the skin, you need to nourish the skin from the inside.

collagen ADIVA

And Collagen ADIVA is a medicine for strong skin from deep inside. With 100% Collagen Peptite material from Germany, ADIVA product is the first water Collagen in Vietnam market, has nearly 10 years of making thousands of women crazy because of its effectiveness for skin and safety. strong.

Therefore, if you are looking for a skin care solution from deep inside, Collagen ADIVA beauty drink is a suggestion for your skin to be radiant.


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