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Tips to treat stomach pain with honey effectively

Honey has long been considered a nutritious food. It is also possible to treat stomach pain with honey effectively.

Honey is made from hard-working bees that collect nutrients on the flowers, so it is considered a sweet gift from nature. Today honey is not only a food rich in nutrients but also a material that helps beauty and healing extremely effective, especially peptic ulcer disease. If you ignore honey you have missed a precious and beautiful healing material. So learn about honey and how to treat stomach pain with honey .

treat stomach pain with honey

Honey helps to treat stomach pain effectively


Causes, signs and symptoms of stomach pain

Stomach disease is also known as stomach pain. It is a gastric lesion that causes inflammation and ulcers in the stomach. Stomach sufferers often suffer from long lasting pain when eating spicy food, too full or too hungry. The main cause of stomach pain in most people is diet, unreasonable living resulting in the formation and development of the disease. Symptoms to tell if you have stomach pain are: Pain in the affected area, such as dampness, abdominal pain, heat and pain when eating too much, too hungry, eating Spicy hot, in addition to symptoms such as poor eating, heartburn, belching, nausea, bloody out, …

The effect of stomach pain with honey

Honey is a mixture of sugars and other ingredients that contain glucose, sugar, fruit and lots of vitamins. Up to 75% is the essential carbohydrate needed for the body and prefixes A, B1, B2, B6, E, and folate.

Honey is said to be good antibacterial and effective in healing ulcers. In the past, people have known many methods of healing stomach with honey .


Treatments for stomach pain with honey


  1. Relieve stomach pain with honey and fresh turmeric

treat stomach pain with honey and fresh turmeric

Honey and turmeric help you treat stomach pain effectively

 Turmeric is effective against stomach ulcers and healing wounds, so this is a popular ingredient used to treat stomach pain from far away.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons pure honey, 50g fresh turmeric


– clean and call fresh turmeric, then pound and filter for water

– Mix the saffron and honey in 200 ml of warm water

Maintain daily intake to improve stomach pain

The aroma of turmeric and the sweetness of honey is very easy to drink. You can do it yourself at home, in addition to technology to work more than you can replace with turmeric or turmeric essential oil.

  1. Relieve stomachache with honey and green bananas

Cure stomach pain with honey and green bananas

Medication for stomach pain with honey and green banana

Green banana is a popular remedy for many diseases and is very effective. Green banana is effective in treating stomach ulcers.

Ingredients: 2 green bananas, 2 honey bees


-Blue green, remove the water, then sliced ​​thinly to dry and dried, then grind to fine powder

– Mix the honey and green banana powder into a paste, then store in a glass jar, to cool the refrigerator and use gradually.

Above are the most popular and effective honey remedies from ancient times to treat stomach pain. But nowadays, when our lives are always busy with the society, so it is very rare to have such time. Understanding the worries of consumers ADIVA gives you a very effective and convenient way to treat stomach pain is Micell.


Excellent use of Miciva ADIVA

 To treat stomach pain with micell adiva

Micell ADIVA helps treat stomach pain effectively

Micell ADIVA uses Nano – Micelles technology, 100% produced in Germany. Liquid essence extract, extracted from plants, helps to increase efficiency 185 times more conventional technology. It supports the treatment of gastric ulcer, helps reduce gastric mucosal damage, relieves stress relievers, improper eating and protects the liver for the frequent use of alcohol. .

Pay more attention to your health when you can also dear friends. Wish you always healthy!


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