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Top 10 most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria

You are a passion traveler, you want to explore many different countries. You are planning to look to Nigeria. Do you know the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria ? If you have not, visit the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com right in this article to not miss any place in Nigeria.

Nigeria-let’s get here just once

Famous tourist destination Nigeria

Although Nigeria is a poor country, it has a lot of potential to grow and attract many investors and big companies in the world to come here for a chance to grow.

Nigeria is also one of the “rising countries” to rise to become the largest economy on the Black Continent in 2023. The Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com will help you discover the ” seductive “of this land through the most famous tourist attractions in Nigeria !

1. Makoko Town

Famous tourist destination Nigeria 2

Built and built more than 100 years ago, Makoko is a small fishing village on a dress next to the Atlantic Ocean. It floats on the water with more than 200,000 people living in rickety bungalows. The livelihood of the people here is to catch fish right on the river. Traveling to the town of Makoko you will experience the feeling of floating on the water and learn how to catch fish of the people of Nigeria is also very interesting.

  1. Yankari National Park

Famous tourist destination Nigeria 3

Yankari National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria , worth a visit. There are many wildlife as well as rare and rare birds are living here. So, what’s more interesting than seeing the prey or walking of some animals such as elephants, crocodiles and baboons in this park?

There is also a restaurant and a swimming pool right in the park to cater to the needs of visitors to visit the place.

  1. Abuja National Mosque

famous tourist destination Nigeria 4

Abuja National Mosque is the only national mosque in Nigeria built in the heart of Abuja. This work is considered a perfect architectural masterpiece of this country. The church is an ancient, dignified but equally unique property system inside extremely sophisticated and lavish. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Nigeria.

4.Kajuru Castle

famous tourist destination Nigeria 5

The Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com would like to share its next place with Kajuru Castle. This is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Nigeria because it contains a very unique beauty along with an ancient and intricate glass that makes anyone see it. passionate feeling.

Kajuru Castle does not lack the ancient, imposing mansion right next to the services along with the modern style interwoven houses. It has a relatively cool climate and dedicated services, so it is a great place to relax.

  1. Sukur Scenic Area

famous tourist destination Nigeria 6

When mentioning the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria , it is impossible not to mention the Sukur landscape. It is one of the oldest surviving sites in Nigeria. This is the historical “witness” of the first human settlement in this country. Despite centuries of natural fluctuations, however, Sukur’s landscape has not changed, leaving traces of a human settlement in the area. And if you want to learn more about the history of the country as well as the people of Nigeria, never miss the opportunity to explore Sukur.

  1. Osun – Osogbo

famous tourist destination Nigeria 7

Osun – Osogbo, also known as Osun – Osogbo Sacred Grove. This site is located along the west coast of Oshun in the country of Nigeria. It is the embodiment of the most sacred and revered forest in Nigeria. The forest has a history of more than 400 years, with more than 400 species of plants, including more than 200 rare medicinal plants used in medicine.

A place for those who love to explore and must have the courage. Because of the dimness of the forest along with the scattering of more than 40 temples, shrines and sculptures are mysterious, so that the cowardly people who enter here will have the feeling of cold and backward. This will be a great thing for those who like to explore interesting things.

With all that remains to this day, the Sacred Forest of Osun was quickly recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2005 and became the most popular tourist destination in Nigeria .

  1. Millennium Park

famous tourist destination Nigeria 8

Millennium Park is the largest park in Nigeria, was built by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004. Come to this park in addition to watching the beautiful natural surroundings, you will enjoy. Fresh and fresh air. You can also experience the feeling of walking around the park, walking along the path leading to the beautiful fountain of Abuja. The scenery is also an ideal place for picnics of Nigerian people on weekends or on public holidays.

  1. Falls Gurara

famous tourist destination Nigeria 9

Journal of the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com can not fail to mention the country’s Falls Gurara. This is an artificial state at an altitude of about 20 meters, the stream from above descends to create a majestic scenery, bringing a vivid look that makes you can not take your eyes off. Therefore, this is one of the most noteworthy destinations in Nigeria, where you experience the feeling of swimming right at the bottom of this cascade is very exciting.

  1. Hidi Palace
  2. the famous tourist destination Nigeria 10

Known as the Hidi Palace, but in fact almost completely destroyed here just a part of the remnants of the Hidi housing complex. This place is home to the most religious, political values ​​of the ancient Sukur.

The houses were built simply by granite, along with labor tools that marked the existence of people in the Iron Age, such as iron ore or grinders. Hidi is considered one of the most sacred and sacred sites in Nigeria.

  1. Pyramid school floating in water in Nigeria

Famous tourist destination Nigeria 11

The school was built on the water by architect Kunle Adeyemi designed for students in poor Makoko town to study. The architectural design of the school in the shape of a pyramid can withstand storms during the rainy season. At first glance the school looks very simple but it takes about three years to complete this special school. The school has enough seats for 100 students and there is space for students to play and run.

The top ten most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria are summarized by the Daily Times Of Nigerian newspaper dailytimesofnigeria.com . Despite being a densely populated and poor country on the African Continent. However, Nigeria still has its own “charm” attracted many visitors come here for sightseeing and relaxation.

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