Nigeria phát hiện 2,5 tấn gạo giả bằng nhựa 2

Shocks: Nigeria discovered 2.5 tons of plastic imitation rice

Nigeria discovered 2.5 tonnes of fake yarn resembling real yams, which is shocking news that needs to be addressed to protect the health of people here and in other countries. Today, the Daily Times Of Nigeria will share some of this topic.

How to find out how to counterfeit rice?

This counterfeit rice is made to look like real rice to the extent that the BBC, after seeing through the eyes and trying fake rice, has admitted that plastic rice is too similar to real rice. “These fake rice seeds are no different from rice at all.”

According to the BBC, Nigeria has just discovered and seized 2.5 tonnes of counterfeit rice made of plastic. The rice was put into the country through smuggling. This counterfeit rice is packed in “Best Tomato Rice” packaging and 25 kg each.

According to information obtained: The head of the customs office in Lagos (Nigeria), Haruna Mamudu said that while cooking, plastic rice is very sticky and viscous compared to real rice. Haruna Mamudu commented, “It is heaven that knows what happens if you eat this kind of rice.”

Nigeria discovered 2.5 tonnes of plastic dumplings

Pictures of plastic bags in Nigeria are being checked by local authorities

Along Journal Daily Times Of Nigeria understand this through the following information:

Reporter Peter Okwoche said: “Holding the fake rice in my hand did not make any difference to the rice grown from the fields until it was put on the nose to smell the chemical smell.

However, when cooked, the counterfeit rice will reveal the differences that we can easily identify. And immediately after the question of fake rice was set, the rice was put into the laboratory to test.

Nigeria discovered 2.5 tonnes of counterfeit rice from plastic 2

Here, the researchers have learned and are not shocked to know that the number of counterfeit rice is actually made of plastic. Nigerian authorities warn people not to eat rice with any unusual signs, as they may endanger their health.

Current surveys have been expanded to see how much counterfeit rice was introduced into the Nigerian market and how much was consumed as well as where the origin of the counterfeit rice came from.

This is not the first time that counterfeit rice has been made of plastic. Last year the Malaysian and Singaporean media also reported on the appearance of fake rice made from the toxic plastic.

According to the Straits Times, the counterfeit rice is made from ingredients such as potato and sweet potato mixed with synthetic resins that contain toxins. This type of rice is very similar to the actual rice, but when cooked, the rice is very hard.

This type of rice made from plastics has been sold in the Chinese market, especially in Taiyuan City, Shaanxi Province. Because imitation rice yields huge profits, it is still sold in China.

In the same year last year, in Guangdong province, China discovered fake rice made from paper and it was discovered unexpectedly. That day, the woman accidentally discovered her lunch hard to chew than usual.

Specifically, the rice seeds were so hard that she had to release the “rice seeds” that were chewing on her mouth. After looking closely, she was shocked to learn that it was a tiny paper roll. The woman told the police that she had bought the rice from a street vendor claiming it was a rice. is grown in the countryside and does not use pesticides.

Nigeria discovered 2.5 tons of counterfeit plastic rice 3

The Daily Times Of Nigeria said that this is a bad thing that directly affects human health.

What do health experts say about Nigeria’s discovery of 2.5 tonnes of plastic dumplings?

Health and nutrition experts warned that eating fake rice made from plastic could seriously damage the digestive system. This is worrisome for stomach pain today.

According to dietician Mary Easaw-John, National Heart Center Singapore, “Some of the substances in the plastic will become extremely toxic after eating, and if loaded, they can lead to Negative impact on the digestive system by the plastic is not digestible. In addition, it contains many unknown impurities, which can cause stomach pain, gastrointestinal bleeding, gastrointestinal obstruction, and poisoning.

Nigeria found 2.5 tonnes of 4 counterfeit rice

Occurrence of counterfeit rice is a serious risk to the stomach

Thus, the effect of counterfeit rice on stomach pain is of concern. If the fake rice continues to abound, stomach disease is increasing.

An official of the Chinese Restaurant Association warned that eating three plastic bowls would be equivalent to inserting a plastic bag into the stomach.

He added that because of counterfeit rice, the authorities would strictly inspect the rice processing plants.

Daily news of Nigeria hopes that the news of the 2.5 tons of counterfeit rice will be useful, and everyone contributes to the health of the community. copper.

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