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Strange cases of black parents give birth to white children

Use words such as “monster”, “monster”, “strange” with the parents, or both black children have white skin with blonde hair typical European. This is how? Looks interesting! Today, the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com will be launching this topic. How is this case explained?

Take a look at some of these weird cases:

1. All parents have black skin but give birth to white skin

black parents give birth to white children

This is a clear testimony when Ben and Angela Ihegboro’s family welcomes the baby Nmachi. The appearance of the baby in 2010 has made parents disturbed and raised doubts about the real origin of the child.

Although the father and mother are Nigerian, genetically, Nmachi has white features with light skin, blue eyes and blond hair.

Nmachi is a beautiful angel with a different look from her parents about her skin

Doctors explain how this?

Doctors say Nmachi does not have albinism, a condition that causes pigmented skin, hair and eyes to disappear, possibly due to an unidentified genetic mutation in Nmachi. .

  1. Black daughters give birth to white daughters

black parents give birth to white children 2

This is the case of Catherine’s wife, Richard and baby Jonah

The next case that the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com collected it was the couple’s family Catherine with Richard. Catherine Howarth, 32, lives in the town of Milton Keynes, in Buckinghamshire, England. Therefore, in August 2014 when greeting her new baby with white skin in hand, she was not startled and feel strange.

White boy Jonah is the son of the couple Catherine and brother Richard. Richard, a white man. Jonah has white skin, green eyes and light brown hair. Despite the unusual skin color, Jonah’s health is still perfectly normal.

How is this case explained?

According to the report of the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com synthesis, the doctor said the bright white baby Jonah is due to the white skin genes that Catherine brought in her. And the opportunity for genes to dive is 1/1 million.

  1. Black parents lay three white daughters

black parents give birth to white children 3

Image Rosemere cream skin cream for his two white daughters

Rosemere Fernanda de Andrade, a 31-year-old woman living in Recife, Brazil, is often mistaken for a nanny of her three white daughters.

Sister Rosemere and her ex-husband, Alexandrino Barbosa de Sobral, 63, all have black but three Ruth, 14, Estefani, 12, and Kauan, nine, are white, blond and blue eyes.

According to the information, the skin color is due, all three children are suffering from albinism, pigmentation, hair and eyes are gone.

  1. He was born white, blond though his parents are African

Francis Tshibangu stood beside his wife’s bed, still unbelievable in the face of his biological son and sister Anlette. Although neither of them owns white blood, Daniel’s son is white.

Black parents give birth to white children

Apart from Daniel, the couple living in England still have a black son

This is how?

Doctors said Daniel’s blonde hair and blond hair, not the result of albinism, could be due to genetic mutation.

The doctor conjectured that this was the case because the Congolese couple had unstable genetic status. However, until now, information on such strange births is still very limited.

  1. The daughter is white, though her father is black

Chris, 33, and Tess, 24, live in Colchester, Essex, England, a family of rainbows. Because while a father is black, his mother is white, his four children have three different skin colors.

Unlike his siblings, Amiah had white skin and blond hair identical to hers. The DNA test showed that Amiah was exactly Chris’s biological child along with Tess.

black parents give birth to white children 5

This is the rainbow family of sister Chris and sister Tess

This is very simple. It is the mother gene in Amiah’s body that excels in the baby’s genes so he has new skin features and his mother’s hair.

Through the information that the Daily Times Of Nigeria dailytimesofnigeria.com aggregate on then these cases are considered strange at first glance. But explaining white skin is not uncommon.

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  1. I’m not surprised. We where raped and enslaved and generations later it has come out. Or it’s true that out of blackness we can produce any colour. We are the first so out of one theres many. We are all human and bless the same blood.

  2. @son Get your facts right not all blacks were subjected to slavery and abuse, infact we invented slavery and the media glorified the white boys part in it. Having babies of lighter hues from dark skin parents is something which is still being studied but it is not as uncommon as one might think, it is just that the cases are more extreme

  3. It is ok if you are black and you have a white baby it is just how the baby was made but nomater what the people say but just to no this you are blessed by god

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